• Q. What is Foodzoned?

    Foodzoned is an online food ordering portal which consists of the varied menus of all the food joints enlisted on it. The website acts as a one-step go platform for the users who wish to order food online. The website releases the users from the humdrum of carrying printed menu cards and searching for restaurant phone numbers.

    The easy and appealing UI of the website allows the users to order the food of their choice with a few clicks. The users can experiment with different cuisines available with the restaurant even when ordering from home and thus they can bring in the fine dining experience.

    Foodzoned aims at bridging the gap that exists between the user and the restaurant and thus providing the ultimate food experience to the masses.

  • Q. Can I place Takeaway orders on Foodzoned?

    Yes you can place a takeaway order from Foodzoned.

  • Q. Can I suggest a Service Provider? How?

    Yes. Please send us your request on support@foodzoned.com

  • Q. Do you have mobile app?

    No, we are currently working - for Android and iOS. It will be out soon!

  • Q. I don’t remember my password. I Need Help!

    • Don't worry. Here's what you need to do:

    • Click LOGIN on the top right of the site page to access the login page.

    • Click FORGOT PASSWORD? Link available at the bottom of the login page.

    • Enter your e-mail ID in the displayed field.

    • We will send you a link in your e-mail.

    • You can reset your password instantly by clicking the link.

  • Q. Are there any perks of signing up on Foodzoned?

    • You will have quicker and smoother transactions.

    • Your past delivery addresses will be saved so that you don't have to enter them all over again in your next order.

    • You can track the history of every order with their details in your account.

  • Q. Can I call and place my order?

    Definitely! You can. We look forward to hear from you. Call us at +91-7204555321.

  • Q. I am concerned about the privacy of my personal information I have shared with Foodzoned.

    We understand that you value your privacy, and we respect it. Foodzoned is committed to maintaining complete confidentiality and privacy of the data that you share with us. You may go through our Privacy Policy.

  • Q. What is the service guarantee and when do I get a refund?

    We guarantee to deliver within 45 minutes.

    If there is any difference in the price of the item billed to you by Foodzoned and the actual bill delivered by the restaurant then the difference paid by you will be refunded to you.

    If there is an item missing then we will try to replace it within an acceptable time or refund the amount whichever is suitable to you.

    If, after placing your order, the restaurant decides to not deliver your complete or part order for any reason then we will contact you with the option of shifting the order to another restaurant or you can choose to get refund and we will simply reverse the transaction amount to the medium (Debit Card) used by you while making the payment to us.

  • Q. Are the any limitations to the service guarantee?

    Food and Cake Pics are for representation purposes only and FZ won't guarantee that the ordered item would look/taste exactly the same as shown on the FZ and its partner restaurant websites.

    Foodzoned Guarantee won't be applicable on peak festival days like Christmas, New Year's Eve, Ganesh Chaturthi/Visarjan, LaxmiPujan or any other such festival/s during which most of the restaurants are either closed or are restricted for delivery.

    Foodzoned Guarantee won't be applicable on days when any procession/rally/march/road construction etc is taking place which affects the normal process of delivery.

    FZ Management reserves the right to revoke all types of guarantees at any point in time without prior intimation. Final decision on the same rests with the management which is non-contestable and fully binding.

    Time Guarantee is valid till the first barrier of entry. If your number is not reachable, then the guarantee ceases to exist.

  • Q. When will I get my refund?

    Your refund will happen as per the below mentioned timelines. Please note that the refunds are dependent on external agencies such as banks, payment gateways etc.

    • Debit card 7-10 working days from the refund initiation date
    • NEFT transfer 7-10 working days from the refund initiation date

    For any queries mail us at care@foodzond.com

  • Q. How do I check the current status of my orders?

    Login to My Orders / You can contact us via E-mail & Phone along with your order Id and Mobile number.

  • Q. Can I cancel an order, once placed?

    No. We apologise for the inconvenience.
    Once an order placed it cannot be cancelled or updated as we at Foodzoned have a live order transmission system in place at most of the restaurants. This ensures that the order reaches you in the committed time frame and in warm condition.

  • Q. Is it safe to use my credit card / debit card on this site?

    Absolutely!! All transactions on Foodzoned are 100% safe and secure. We work with world-class payment gateways to process your payment and ensure secure ordering for all our customers. No financial data is gathered without a secure layer transaction. All the information is processed using SSL data encryption (secure encrypted connection), which protects the information from being viewed by anyone. The iframe that gathers financial data is completely secure and is posted through a HTTPS.

  • Q. My transaction failed but the money was deducted from my account. What do I do?

    Your money is safe and will be refunded. Do not worry. Please send order details to care@foodzond.com

  • Q. Are there any hidden costs when I make a purchase on Foodzoned?

    None. We will never hide any cost from you. The price and charges mentioned on the site are final.

  • Q. How do I know my purchase is complete?

    You will see a confirmation message on the screen along with your order number. You will also receive order details via email.